Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Getting Back to Normal

I was somewhat melancholy about the end of my deployment life - I'd gotten so used to being in the role "The Fiancee of a Deployed Soldier," I didn't quite know what to expect of becoming simply "The Fiancee." Thankfully the official end has been nothing short of spectacular. You get so adjusted to deployment life, so used to being alone, that it's not really until your loved one comes home that you start to realize just how much you missed them.

It has been nearly 3 weeks now since Matt got home. Three blissful weeks of complete normalcy - well, almost. I took Matt's first week back home off from work to spend every possible moment with him and imagined us being indulged in US: drinks every night at our favorite bar, romantic dinners in our favorite dimly lit spots, and while we did manage a couple nights for dates, the rest of the week was just your regular, normal stuff - an entire morning at the DMV to get Matt's truck registered, cleaning out the garage, grocery shopping, and we even went and bought our wedding rings. I'm glad we did normal every day stuff - I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed grocery shopping with Matt; it's the simple things that really get to you.

On the 27th I went back to work and the feelings of disdain that accompany the end of any vacation (no one wants to go back to work after a week off!) were multiplied fivefold as I was still harboring some feelings of all the times I had to say goodbye to Matt. But I survived a week of work with Matt being home and with that we've officially been re-initiated to normal life. We still have our moments of disbelief - I still blubber "I can't believe you're home!" incessantly, I made Matt come pick me up and take me with him when he went to see his friends because the thought of spending a few hours alone in the house caused an enormous lump in my throat (I felt a little bad and slightly pathetic, but Matt was very understanding), and when we made plans to meet up for happy hour at "our" bar when I got off work the other night, Matt hung up the phone saying, "Alright, I'll call you tomorrow!" - but these are all things that will pass with time. Old habits die hard, and while we're back to our usual pre-deployment routine, there's still lingering feelings of what we endured these last 14 months.

We've started completely redecorating our house inside and out which has been a fun project. Matt's taken charge of the yard - a new wrought iron fence, new concrete work, and GRASS (when I tell tales of the days when I used to walk barefoot on our lawn - the days before we had our dog - people look at me like I must be nuts), and I've taken over the interior. We repainted our bedroom, got new bedding, and a beautiful new Crate and Barrel bed frame (an early wedding gift from my parents). We've given new meaning to Spring cleaning - really it's more of a "Total Roommate Cleansing" to rid ourselves of anything in the house that's not ours - we donated our old couches to a church (along with an extra TV, 6 bags of clothes, and an old La-Z-Boy recliner) and went couch shopping for a new couch (an early wedding gift from Matt's parents). After 7 furniture stores (I swear, couch shopping is about a thousand times harder than shopping for a new car) we finally found the perfect couch, so today we had our carpets steam cleaned (since there's no furniture in our living room currently) and tomorrow our new couch will be delivered!!

Everything is so normal - so wonderfully normal. I wasn't going to move to my new blog until after the wedding, but now that Matt's home, it seems more sense to leave Military Bride just for the deployment and to start fresh with our post-deployment life. After all, that was then and this is now :)


Blogger lmb222 said...

Well I had a whole comment written and then I lost it when I had to make a blogger account. Anyway all it said was that I think a new site is a good idea and I'm glad that you're going to keep blogging even though Matt's deployment is over. Good luck with your house makeover.

4/05/2006 1:29 PM

Blogger USArmyWifey said...

Hiya, I saw you had visited myspace,....I at times go by and read your posts. It is great to see Matt is home, and I loved the homecoming story,...I was totally into it, remembering Jon's homecoming,....I was flying of off those bleachers once they released the soldiers but could not find him :-( then he showed up from behind, he had seen me and sneaked up. Lolz...goober.
Anyway,....good to see that life is turning back to normal, and yes, you do enjoy the littlest things with your man once he is home.
So when is your wedding exactly? I know you must be so excited! Are you planning and all?

Well, I love reading your stories, they are so full of passion, and I think you are a real good writer!


4/05/2006 4:29 PM

Blogger Karen said...

I'm SO happy to hear that everything is going so well for you and Matt. Like I had any doubts, though. :)

Things can only get better from here! He's finally home and life has begun. I'm thrilled you're not leaving the blogging world and you just decided to move! I did the same thing... I just felt like the deployment blog was better off left behind. On to bigger and better things!

Are ya still waking up in the middle of the night just to poke him? I did that for months before I realized he was actually there to stay.

4/05/2006 7:25 PM

Blogger Courtney said...

YAY!!! I am so happy for you! Isn't it strange when normal is wonderful? Most people get sick of "everyday life" but it is something we have been looking forward to. I bet you are getting excited to, your wedding is coming up fast. Enjoy your new couch. LOL. Oh and I am very glad to see you back and blogging again.

4/05/2006 9:34 PM

Blogger Christy said...

OK now I officially have 90 jillion blogs, since I created a blogger account so I could still talk to you. hehehe.

ANYWAY I agree that starting fresh is a GREAT idea.

Rock on, being normal!

4/06/2006 10:27 PM

Blogger Kayti said...

I'm so glad that he's finally home! I always felt connected to you through your blog since your blog was the first I saw, and the first to make me realize I wasn't alone during the deployment.

Anyhoo, enjoy having him home. :)

4/07/2006 5:54 PM

Blogger Beth said...

Yay! I'm glad to see you're still going to post, I just love hearing your stories. =)

4/09/2006 8:15 PM


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