Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pick Your Title:
"It Figgurs" or "Un-flipping-Believable"

We had a great weekend - Matt's parents came into town and we went to Tahoe to finalize all the rehearsal dinner details. It's going to be fantastic and I'm thoroughly excited for it! The dinner's going to be outside on patio overlooking the lake, we'll have a huge screen playing a DVD of pictures of Matt and I and pictures of when we were kids, the menu is mouth-watering, and we have free-range of a microphone (uh oh).

After much deliberation, I decided I want the entire dinner to be RED. My wedding colors are navy blue and white, but I bought this gorgeous red gown to wear to the rehearsal dinner, so instead of going overboard with the red, white, and blue (not to be unpatriotic - the colors together just aren't very wedding-y), the colors at the rehearsal dinner are going to be red and ivory. In my mind, it would be absolute sacrilege if the entire dinner didn't revolve around my dress.

Matt's mom is making all the rehearsal dinner invitations and response cards - since we're having a sit-down rehearsal dinner at a place that typically hosts receptions, we have to keep track of how many of each entree we need and thus it was decided it would simply be easier to send out separate invitations for the dinner. And this way we can have red invitations for the dinner and keep with the blue theme for the wedding - I don't mean to be hard to please, but I know exactly what I want our wedding to be like and for such an important day, I could hardly settle for anything less.

Saturday night Matt and I saw Frank Sinatra, Jr. (I'm an enormous Frank Sinatra fan and the show was called "Sinatra sings Sinatra." Actually, our first dance song at our wedding is a Frank Sinatra song. Anyway...) We had a great time - the show was nice, but I think it'd be pushing it to say it was great. Undoubtedly the music was wonderful, but instead of the typical "lounge show" that are common at Reno casinos (sitting at tables in a ballroom), we were all shoved into a conference room and forced to sit on the most uncomfortable chairs ever created - it certainly wasn't unbearable, but for 50 bucks a ticket, I expected something at least comfortable.

We also found ourselves sitting behind the apparent president of the Frank Sinatra fan club. It's the guy who not only knows every single song, but gets piss-your-pants excited over each and every one, the guy who yells out "I BOUGHT IT" when the artist plugs his CD, and this one was all but head banging....to Frank Sinatra. At the end of the show - before FS, Jr. had even said "good night" - he grabbed his wife and who I imagine was his mom (considering it was Mother's Day weekend) each by a wrist and literally drug them to the front of the room, most likely to bombard the stage. It was obvious his wife was mortified by her husband's behavior - I suppose it's possible that he could just love Frank Sinatra that much but I'm thinking alcohol played a small role - the man was way too over the top to be sober. It's tough to say he "ruined" our FS, Jr. experience because in all reality, he was actually pretty amusing.

Sunday we went out to brunch with Matt's mom and dad to celebrate Mother's Day and after they had headed back to Sacramento, we took our dog to the park because it was the most gorgeous day of the year yet. It saddens me to know it'll more than likely snow again - without fail, it snows in Reno/Tahoe every Memorial Day. I'm hoping this will be the one year it doesn't - it's supposed to be 90 tomorrow - but every year I hope it'll be "the one," it never is. Well, a girl can hope.

And oh, yes....my car - still don't have it. Today is Day Eight, and there is absolutely no hope of getting it back today or probably even tomorrow. I've kind of reached my breaking point with this whole ordeal - I called Matt BAWLING on Friday when I got the call that I wouldn't have my car for the weekend, and I know that my sobbing won't alleviate the situation any, but it's incredibly frustrating to try and work out two entirely different schedules with only one car, and it's terribly exasperating that I have such an unreliable car. When I talked to the mechanic on Friday, he said there was a guy who specialized in Volkswagens coming in to take a gander at it on Monday and hopefully they'd get it back to me by Monday. Nope. I waited until 4:30 yesterday afternoon before I called them. I talked to a receptionist who really had no idea what was going on, and I feel slightly bad because, well, they've had my car for so damn long and I wanted to talk to someone who could tell me what was going on, and I made that crystal clear to her.

Apparently the fan module wasn't what was wrong with it. They don't know what's wrong with it - they'd completely taken my car apart and were totally stumped. So I'll get to pick up my car today (after they put it back together again), but only to drive it for 15 minutes or so to bring it to Lithia Volkswagen - this shop has admitted defeat and suggested I take it to the dealership for repairs. On the plus side, I don't have to pay for any parts and labor from this shop; since they couldn't fix it, I don't have to pay for it. I think that's very nice of them, especially since there's no doubt in my mind the dealership will probably cost twice as much. When I called the VW dealership yesterday to schedule my Jetta in for maintenance, the guy said it's $200 just to DIAGNOSE my air conditioning. I sputtered some obscenity in disbelief - I mean, really, it's just proof positive that Nazis STILL are in charge of Volkswagen. I think when I drop it off I'll tell them to fix everything else that's wrong with it first and once I know how much that's going to cost me, then I'll decide whether or not I care enough to get my A/C fixed.

In light of all this, I have totally swallowed my superficiality and come to the realization that I cannot and will not drive such an awful car for the next 5 - 8 months of my life. Matt's parents have an extra car that desperately needs to be driven - it was Matt's grandma's, only has about 27,000 miles on it, and now spends most of its days collecting dust in a garage (except on Thursdays and Fridays when Matt's mom drives it to work so it can stretch its wheels). It's a 1990 Honda (Civic or Accord, I don't remember) and they have very graciously offered to let me use this car for as long as I need. As soon as we get the Jetta back, we're going to put it up for sale and rid ourselves of this nightmare. It's a great time to sell it - just out of the shop it'll be in tip-top mechanical condition - and I have, in fact, worried myself sick over this Jetta (seriously - I've fretted over it so much, I now have a cold).

Originally the plan was to pay massive amounts on the Jetta monthly so that when we traded it in we wouldn't be upside down on the loan, and in addition to a couple thousand, it would be a substantial down payment on a new car. After a lot of thought, we realized we can have just as big a down payment (if not bigger) if we just sell the Jetta now, rid ourselves of a car payment for the next few months, and save money instead of continually throwing it at the Jetta. Not to mention the thought of having a car that won't consistently have weird ass shit go wrong with it - despite how old and boxy it is - is a very appealing one. So today the Jetta goes from mechanic's shop to service department at Lithia Volkswagen and we wait some more, we stretch ourselves thin over our single, solitary vehicle for the time being, and when we finally get the damn thing back, we joyfully run ads in the paper, on the internet, and even tape up a sign inside the car and rid ourselves of the f**ker.


Blogger Courtney said...

That is awesome that the one shop isn't making you pay for anything. I hope the VW place knows what's wrong. Oh and that dress is amazing. I love it. You will have to take pictures of you in it and post them. Hope your cold gets better./

5/16/2006 3:37 PM

Anonymous Jennifer said...

I love that dress!! I'm so excited to see wedding pictures now. No, really. EXCITED. You have me all pumped up over your wedding. I wish I lived closer. I so want to go. lol.

Poor little Jetta. My neighbors have a 2000 Jetta. I always read your posts and think about them. They havent had problems as of yet, but I have a feeling it'll happen. Ive never heard good things about Jettas. But they are so cute. Its such a shame. Hopefully the car comes home soon and you can sell it!!

5/17/2006 3:13 AM

Blogger Kayti said...

I'm so sorry you are still dealing with the car. I feel your pain. The saga of the Deathstar is nearly complete as I flat refuse to haul that hunk of junk to Germany and subject another continent to its death throes.

Anyway, I love the dress, and I know that you're going to have such a beautiful dinner and ceremony. *huggles*

5/17/2006 11:30 AM

Blogger Nikki said...

I just can't believe how much trouble one cute little car has turned out to be for you! Doing a "come home car" dance for you! :P

5/17/2006 11:45 AM

Blogger Household6 said...

"And this way we can have red invitations for the dinner and keep with the blue theme for the wedding - I don't mean to be hard to please, but I know exactly what I want our wedding to be like and for such an important day, I could hardly settle for anything less."

Man there are days where I LOVE being anal retentive. I had exactly what I wanted at my wedding too, colour wise and didn't care if anyone thought I was a control freak. Get what you want, its your wedding and you deserve it!


5/18/2006 10:39 PM


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