Thursday, May 25, 2006

Well, I'll Be Damned

I finally got my car back on Monday, and you'll never believe what was wrong with it. In fact, you might find it humorous considering that not only was I without my car for 2 weeks, but the first shop I'd brought it to had claimed defeat after a week and told me to take it to the dealership. God knows, I found it hilarious. Really. I think it's great that I was without my car for 2 weeks for a problem that could've been fixed in a day. Needless to say, my "speed dial mechanic" holds that title no longer. Here it is: the problem with my car, the reason that my fans would not shut off, is because of mice. Yes, as in the little gray rodents. They'd chewed up my wires and shorted a bunch of crap. My coolant was leaking because someone (be it Jiffy Lube or the mechanic formerly known as my speed dial mechanic) had put on my coolant flange WRONG. And my air conditioning, well, I don't know what was wrong with it - the guy might as well have been speaking jibberish when he explained the problem to me - but the important thing is that it works now and it didn't cost a fortune to fix (though thanks to Volkswagen charging $109 an hour for labor, it cost over $800 to fix everything).

After picking the car up, I felt a tiny bit of remorse about selling it. It's in excellent condition right now - running like new - and so it's been in the shop 3 times for major things, but what are the odds it'll happen again? It's so cute, so fun to drive; I have extremely mixed emotions about my car. The other day I saw a girl driving a rickety old Volvo and it was like a glimpse into my future with the Honda (believe me, there are days when I wish I could overcome my superficiality). When I alluded to my dad that I was thinking of not selling the Jetta, I thought he might climb through the phone and give me a good firm shaking. The Jetta has been nothing but problems, he does not want me driving such an unreliable car blah blah blah. And I know he's right - I know I want to keep the car for all the wrong reasons; despite it's major faults, I can't help but have a soft spot for it - it's just so damn cute!!

Nonetheless, the plan is still to sell it, drive the Honda for a while, and buy a new car at the end of the year when we're well away from the financial burdens of the wedding. Matt and I went to get some Chinese take-out last night, and while we were driving there, Matt said, "You know, one day we'll look back and laugh at the fact that we owned a Jetta." And he's absolutely right. Right now I still own it and I'm still attached to it on some weird emotional level, so I can't fathom not having it around to torment me with it's bizarre problems. I keep reminding myself how nice it'll be to have 6 - 7 months without a car payment, how we'll be able to save up a nice fat down payment for a brand new, fully functional car at the end of the year, how it is just a car, after all, and how one day we really will look back and laugh at the fact the we owned a Jetta.

This past weekend we had our "Catholic Engaged Encounter," which, I won't lie to you, was mind-numbingly boring. We'd listen to one of two married couples talk for a little while, separate to write our thoughts and feelings in a notebook, and then regroup with our fiance to read what each other wrote and discuss. I can see how the weekend would be beneficial to a couple who had communication problems or had just met (and I'd have to say in either case they probably shouldn't be getting married), but Matt and I have been together for nearly 4 years and lived together for almost as long and we'd already discussed all of this - I would think any couple getting married would discuss these topics, not just Catholics who're put through this weekend. I didn't think it was too tormenting - I could certainly think of worse ways to spend the weekend - but Matt...well, Matt thought it was worse than Kandahar, and I could've withstood the weekend just fine, but it was the 22 continuous hours at the retreat (and the hours after too) of listening to Matt complain that made the weekend horrendous. Matt claimed he was going out with his guy friends Sunday after we got out and by the time that rolled around, I was all but pushing him out the door. I love the hell out of the man, but God knows when he really doesn't want to do something, he won't shut up about it until he's free of it. After we received our certificate on Sunday, we left the chapel with Matt literally shoving me out the door, hissing "Go go go!" in my ear.

Wedding planning is otherwise going mostly splendidly - I do love an organizational challenge. Matt's had problems getting a hold of one of his groomsman, and after going through the archives in his email we discovered he hasn't heard from him since December. This has got me worried about filling an empty groomsman slot and it has Matt concerned about the well-being of his friend. The phone number Matt has for him is no longer good, and he's had a large number of emails go unreturned. Unfortunately his friend has just about the most common first name/last name combination ever, so searches in the white pages returned 13985710298 results. We tried Googling him and I mentioned as a possibility, but if he ever did put his info in at Classmates, it was probably in the same manner most everyone's put in information at Classmates - in passing with no intention to ever pay for a membership or update address information. His mom had a different last name that Matt can't remember, so it would seem our only remaining option is to try and find his brother through the army (who also has a different last name that Matt at least knows but can't remember how to spell). Does anyone have suggestions of finding people??

Next week we're mailing out invitations, and I can't quite believe that the ceremony is just over 2 months away. Matt proposed to me right before he deployed and during the deployment the wedding seemed aeons away. Suddenly it's barrelling upon us like a runaway freight train, and I find myself juggling an ever-growing to-do list (we haven't even registered yet!!). People keep asking me if I'm nervous - I hate the myth that everyone gets "cold feet." Nervous? No. Stressed out about getting everything done in time? Yes. But mostly I'm just really, really happy. I get to marry my best friend! I get to spend the rest of my life with the tall, dark, and handsome man of my dreams, and I can't wait :)~


Anonymous Faith said...

Your last line reminds me of a verse in Shania Twain's song that just happened to pop in my head. "I met a tall, dark handsome man and I've been busy making big plans." Only difference, everyone knows yours. HEHEE.

Congrats on getting the car back. Enjoy it for while you have it left.

5/25/2006 3:15 PM

Blogger Blaez said...

I know how you feel about the Jetta. I loved my Elantra and had to give it up for other reasons *sigh* I miss that car.

And your wedding, its amazing how the most happiest moment will bring months of stress. But in the end, after you say "I do" its worth it.

Congratulations again.

And that is really funny about your car. I never went to my "speed dial" mechanic we used for ex-husband's car. I always went to do the Dealer when it came down to my '04 Elantra.

5/26/2006 9:38 AM

Blogger Courtney said...

Your car story is hilarious. Oh my goodness. Mice, who'da thunk? And as far as the wedding, I am glad your planning is going well. I have been planning like crazy. People assume that because my wedding is a year away that I am over preparing but the truth is, I actually had to change the day of my wedding because things were booked. So good luck, keep planning. And I am so glad you made it through a complaint filled Catholic weekend. LOL.

5/28/2006 2:51 PM

Anonymous Jennifer said...

HAHAHA. I just maximized the picture of your car for the first time and realized you drew horns and a devil tail on it. HOW CUTE...err... EVIL? Hehe.

5/31/2006 8:17 AM


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