Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Going to the Chapel....

Well, here we are. After a 20-month engagement - a 14 month deployment right smack in the middle - seemingly endless planning, sleepless nights, dreams of missing photographers and dreams of stolen wedding gowns, our much anticipated date of August 5 is nearly upon us. 3 days away, to be exact (well, that's if you don't count today, natch). I remember going to a wedding last October and basically scoffing at the bride who told me, "It'll come up quickly." What did she know? In October, I still had more than 5 months of a deployment left. But it DID come up quickly - alarmingly quickly, actually. I remember (and many of you have also recalled in my comments) when my wedding counter was in the 500s, and yet here it is, down to the teeny tiny digit of 3.

It's been a lot of fun. Oh, I know I've complained a good deal, sworn off wedding planning for the rest of my life, come close to tearing off my ears from listening to Matt complain about the hoops the Catholic church makes you jump through to be married in their religion, but all in all, I've thoroughly enjoyed it (even moreso now toward the end since Matt's gotten incredibly excited - it's very contagious). At home I have a box full of framed table names (each table is named after a part of Lake Tahoe, i.e. Emerald Bay, Crystal Bay, Sand Harbor, etc), a box full of gifts for our wedding attendants (wrapped beautifully by yours truly, I might add despite Matt thinking they look "gay"), a guest book, framed photos of our parents from their wedding, fake wedding rings for the ring pillow, the real wedding rings for the vows, a basket full of programs, a topper and ribbons for the cake - all the fruits of our labor, all waiting to be taken up to Tahoe tomorrow.

I thought last week would drag by and was quite surprised when all of a sudden it was Friday and Matt and I were sharing drinks and talking excitedly of how "a week from today..." And now here we are. Not "a week from," but rather, "this week," this Saturday, 3 DAYS. This is my last day of work for 2 glorious weeks, which means this is also my last post until I return to the office on the 17th (at which time - or shortly thereafter - I'll have a plethora of pictures to post). Then I'll officially be Mrs. Matt and all the time spent doodling my new name all over my desk calendar will have paid off when I no longer have to sign my tremondously long and difficult-to-pronounce maiden name.

Matt's best man, Brian, is driving into town tonight. They've known each other since Matt was 12 and Brian was 10 and tonight will be the first time I meet him. They're waking up bright and early tomorrow (4:30 a.m. - yikes!!!) to go fishing and in the meantime, I'm getting my pedicure, my new set of nails, and going to Tahoe to go over ceremony music, to drop off cake decorations to the baker, to meet with the photographer one last time before the Big Day. I can't really believe after all this time it's really here, and it really did "come up quickly!" I'll be back soon with plenty of pictures from pre-wedding events, the rehearsal dinner, the wedding and reception, and of course, the honeymoon. Bye for now!!


Blogger Courtney said...

You will be missed til then. I have to agree weddings sneak up on you. I know it sounds goofy but I am so excited about yours. I know it will be beautiful. I hope all goes well. You are going to be a beautiful bride. This is all so exciting. I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon. I can't wait to see pictures of the honeymoon, wedding, prewedding stuff, everything. Good luck dear. YAY!!!!

8/01/2006 10:51 PM

Blogger Karen said...

Woohoo!! It's really here!! I hope that you and Matt have the most fantastic day the two of you could ever think up.

Congrats to you and Matt. Best wishes for a life full of love!

We CAN'T wait to see pictures!! (hint hint, post the very second you return to work. HAHAHA)

8/02/2006 5:46 AM

Blogger Lara said...

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8/02/2006 9:08 AM

Blogger Lara said...

Blessings on your special day! May your day and your life together be filled with joy, happiness and love. Enjoy each moment!

8/02/2006 9:09 AM

Blogger Blaez said...

wow. congratulations. less than 2 days via me reading this. so wonderful. you and matt make such a beautiful couple.

8/02/2006 10:35 AM

Anonymous christy said...

Happy WEDDING! I am so happy for you. I will be thinking of you on your wedding day!


8/02/2006 10:47 AM

Anonymous Liz said...

Yay! I'm sitting here, crying like a little girl; it's not even my wedding, for sobbing out loud. I remember your posts during the deployment and I am just so, so happy that the ticker is almost at 0.
Good luck with the last-minute stuff, and I wish you and Matt nothing but wonderful things in your marriage.

8/02/2006 4:24 PM

Anonymous Jennifer said...

I will be refreshing this page on the 17th because I WANT PICTURES! lol. I'm so excited!!! EEEE!!! ITS WEDDING TIME!

8/03/2006 11:08 AM

Blogger Jaime said...

Aww, Congrats! I hope my engagement goes by as quickly as yours did. May 2007 here I come. Post pics soon!

8/04/2006 12:23 PM

Anonymous Laura said...

Congratulations! I hope the whole day is exactly the way you imagined!

8/05/2006 7:43 AM

Blogger Nikki said...

YAY!!!! Congratulations and best wishes for a beautiful day today! (I'm reading this on Saturday) Although I'm already sure it will be beautiful! We'll all be anxiously awaiting pictures and updates!

8/05/2006 7:58 AM

Blogger Karen said...

Yaaayyy!! HAPPY WEDDING DAY!! It's finally here, you're Mrs. Matt! Congrats to the both of you, I hope it was a fabulous day!

8/05/2006 7:15 PM

Anonymous christy said...

OK so it's been one ENTIRE day now ... picture time! :)

8/06/2006 10:50 PM

Blogger kbug said...

Well, by now you're well into you're Mrs. Matt and well into your honeymoon. I hope it's all been wonderful and look forward to seeing pictures on your return. Congratulations!!!

8/11/2006 10:18 AM

Anonymous Jennifer said...

ok, I'm only going to say this once... WHERE ARE THE WEDDING PICTURES! You should be back by now, Mrs. Matt. ;)

Ok, no rush but I'm just extremly excited. lol.

8/17/2006 4:13 PM

Anonymous Karen said...

Alrighty Lady... we ALL know you're back!!

WE WANT PICTURES!! Congrats again Mrs. Matt. :)

8/18/2006 5:10 AM


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